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A very important thing to point out about auto detailing is that it is much different than just car washing. Someone who just washes cars will get the dirt off but, they may scratch your finish and maybe even the paint beyond repair.

A professional detailing will protect the finish by removing surface contamination that washing alone won’t touch. It will also include polishing paint damage and restoring faded trim. Detailing is way beyond simple car washing.

Motorcycle grooming

Service we offer

  • Exterior Polish

    Exterior Grooming - Exterior wash, scratch removal, cut & hand polish / wax of your vehicle.

  • Wheels Shining

    All the four wheels including boot spare wheel compartment cleaned and vacuumed.

  • Windows Sparkling

    Outside and inside windows cleaning to restore crystal clear vision through windows.

  • Interior Vacuum

    Clean seats, matts & carpets including boot. Remove grease, grime and stains.

  • Engine Bay Wash

    Engine & Bay cleaned to remove oil and grease. Hoses & plastic trim dressed.

  • Upholstery Cleaning

    Car carpets or upholstery are cleaned using cleaning sprays and vacuum pump.

auction groom

Pricing table

  • Interior

    $140.00 inc GST

    Full Vacuum

    Carpet Cleaned

    Upholstery Cleaned

    Interior Detailed




  • Auction Groom

    $140.00 inc GST

    Exterior Polished

    Wheels Shined

    Windows Sparkling

    Interior Vacuumed

    Engine Bay Wash



  • Full Groom

    $280.00 inc GST

    Full Vacuum

    Carpet Cleaned

    Upholstery Cleaned

    Interior Detailed

    Wash & Dry

    Full Polish Wheels Cleaned

    Engine Bay Washed


Please note: The following prices are a guide only, as it depends on the condition of the vehicle

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